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RoboCup was founded in 1997 with the main goal of “developing by 2050 a Robot Soccer team capable of winning against the human team champion of the FIFA World Cup”. In the next years, RoboCup proposed several soccer platforms that have been established as standard platforms for robotics research. This domain demonstrated the capability of capturing key aspects of complex real world problems, stimulating the development of a wide range of technologies, including the design of electrical-mechanical-computational integrated techniques for autonomous robots. After more than 15 years of RoboCup, nowadays robot soccer represents only a part of the available platforms. RoboCup encompasses more than 15 major leagues that, in addition to Soccer, cover Rescue (Robots and Simulation), @Home (assistive robots in home environments), Festo Logistics League and @Work (Industrial environments), as well as RoboCupJunior leagues for kids.


RoboCup domains offer a wide range of platforms for researchers with the potential to speed up the developments in the mobile robotics field. This tutorial will present the history and goals of RoboCup, as well as an overview of RoboCup today, discussing its real and simulated leagues with case studies. The most promising research tendencies and future directions will also be presented. Also know the 1st Workshp on Developments in RoboCup Leagues and Workshop on RoboCup@Home League at ICAR 2013


Alexandre Simões Esther Colombini Daniele Nardi
Alexandre da Silva Simões
Universidade Estadual Paulista (UNESP)
General chair of RoboCup 2014
Founder president of RoboCup Brazil
Esther Luna Colombini
Universidade Estadual Paulista (UNESP)
General chair of RoboCup 2014
President of RoboCup Brazil
Daniele Nardi
Sapienza Università di Roma
President of RoboCup Federation


This tutorial aims to present RoboCup leagues platforms. Topics include:


Undergraduate students, graduate students and researchers interested on knowing about RoboCup research platforms and their requirements in both simulation and real robots RoboCup leagues.


WRLD 2013 and tutorial will take place with the 16th IEEE International Conference on Advanced Robotics (ICAR) in the School of Engineereing, Universidad de la Republica del Uruguay, Montevideo, Uruguay.


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